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"Naama's voice evokes a honeyed warmth...swoops up and plummets down onto a lovestruck madness... her voice drifts onto a pillow of dreams" 

- Cree McCree, Downbeat Magazine

 Inspired by the emotionally direct compositions of Rodgers and Hart, Fields and Hugh, Cole Porter and other great composers and lyricists of the 1930’s and ‘40’s Naama has established herself as a prominent voice in the New York City jazz scene. Possessed with an urbane and elegant sound Naama's sensitive interpretation and crisp phrasing have become recognizable elements of her signature style and timeless appeal. An honest and poignant performer, Naama has appeared in celebrated festivals and acclaimed jazz venues domestically and internationally .

(upcoming performance schedule)

Naama has recorded 4 albums to date. 


Dearly Beloved ( 2020 Cellar Music Group) feat. Vibraphonist Steve Nelson- was praised by critics and labeled as "...a promising debut... which augurs well for future releases."- Cree McCree, Downbeat Magazine,

If I knew Then - ( 2022 Self) "simple, inventive and stunning" C.Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

Where Flamingos Fly ( 2023 La Reserve Records) feat. Vibraphonist Steve Nelson" a must-listen for jazz enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates a well-told story..."  (Neon Music)

Wild Is Love (2024 La Reserve Records)  feat. Guitarist Peter Bernstein "Naama’s performance is accomplished and mature...This is Naama’s best singing to date." (Wild Mercury Rhythm).

Naama was born in 1991 to aspiring scientists in Be’er Sheva, a southern city in the Negev desert. When she was four years old, the family relocated to Baltimore MD, for a period of four years. “When I think of it, that was where my infatuation with American culture and music was first formed” she recalls.  Her parents thought it best for her to study piano. "That was where music first entered my life, but after ten years of classical piano, I realized that I actually wanted to sing".In spite of her wish, Naama wasn’t encouraged to pursue singing right away. "To this day, my father will tell you that I couldn’t carry a note until a late age. When I asked for singing lessons, my parents offered drama classes instead”.

It was not until her senior year in high school when she decided to study voice professionally. “I used my grandparent’s graduation gift to pay for lessons with the famous Israeli singer Ricki Gal. It was such a big deal for me, a young girl from the south, taking weekly trips to Tel Aviv to study with a master!  I can recall the day she said 'You know, you should really be singing jazz.’”​

In 2012 Naama was accepted to the The Center for Jazz Studies in Tel Aviv, where she spent three years studying jazz and classical voice. Exposed to new music, she was infatuated by singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra. " I was seduced by the urbane lyrical style along with the beautifully constructed melodies these singers were singing. I immediately felt at home with these songs. I worked on finding my own voice within these standards and found ways to insert fresh concepts, make them interesting." 
In 2015 Naama’s ticket to NYC came in the form of a scholarship to attend the prestigious jazz program at The New School For Performing Arts. Soon after she began performing throughout the city and gaining experience as well as respect from soon to be fans and colleagues

Throughout her time in NYC Naama has shared the stage with celebrated jazz musicians such as Steve Nelson, Dave Kikoski, Bruce Barth, Michael Kanan, David Wong, Ray Gallon, Carlos Abadie, Neal Miner and appears regularly in some of NYC’s major jazz venues- Birdland , Smalls, Mezzrow ( weekly residency), The Django and others.

When she isn’t singing Naama spends her time teaching aspiring vocalists as well as instrumentalists in her home studio in the Chelsea neighborhood. Naama emphasizes healthy, natural singing. Her approach combines speech therapy and classical singing technique. (book a lesson)

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